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Feed Bot

The Feed Bot sends notifications about news, RSS & Atom feeds to one or more Discord channels.


  • Free for all public & private Discord servers
  • Integrates with open websites such as YouTube, Reddit and many others.
  • Monitor curated news, technology, gaming, anime, cryptocurrency, & other news feeds from Readybot Recommendations
  • Add custom RSS & Atom links to monitor any feed
  • Select Discord notification channels for each bot and custom feed
  • Create Discord threads for feed messages
  • Customize formatting of Discord messages and add mentions


  • Readybot Recommendations to Discord server
  • RSS feed to Discord server
  • Atom feed to Discord server
  • YouTube to Discord server
  • reddit to Discord server
  • GitHub commits, releases, tags to Discord server
  • Twitch Bot: Twitch streams to Discord server


New entry in feed The Times
Francis Elliott, Deputy Political Editor
The Chancellor will decide within weeks whether to pump billions more into the economy as evidence mounts that the £37 billion part-nationalisation last year has failed to keep credit flowing. Options include cash injections, offering banks cheaper state guarantees to raise money privately or buying up “toxic assets”, The Times has learnt.

Twitch Bot

The Twitch Bot sends Twitch live stream alerts to your Discord server. Let your community know when you start streaming, or follow your favorite streams and their videos.


  • Free for all public & private Discord servers
  • Monitor any public Twitch stream and receive alerts on stream start
  • Send VOD links to Discord for past streams when the stream goes offline
  • Send highlights and other new clips from Twitch to Discord

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