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Readybot aggregates social updates, news & feeds. Bring YouTube channels, Twitch streams, subreddits, blogs and more to your Discord server.
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BETA Twitch streaming alerts to Discord
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YouTube channels and new videos to Discord
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New Reddit posts to Discord
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Medium blogs to Discord
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GitHub commits, tags and releases to Discord
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RSS & Atom compatible websites to Discord
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Blogs & WordPress

Blog & news updates to Discord
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Bluesky updates to Discord
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Mastodon updates to Discord
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Status Pages

Service status updates to Discord
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Crunchyroll & anime updates to Discord

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Get Discord notifications when feeds are updated

Readybot keeps an eye on your RSS and news feeds around the clock. Choose which Discord channel and server feeds are automatically sent to.

Readybot.io (Example):

New entry in feed The Times
John Smith, Author
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Add standard RSS & Atom feeds

Add any standard online feed to your bot. Fetch feeds from popular services like Reddit & YouTube using custom feeds. Readybot sends all RSS & Atom feeds to Discord with ease! RSS feeds to Discord supported

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