Read the latest changes & updates from Readybot. RSS feed icon now supports Discord live stream alerts! Let your Discord viewers know whenever you go live and follow favorite streams within Discord using Readybot.

Twitch alert screenshot

Twitch alerts can also be enabled for new VOD (Video On Demand) stream replays, highlights and other video clips. In addition, streams can be filtered to only send notifications when playing a specific game.

Built for both streamers and watchers, the new Readybot Twitch integration combines Twitch & Discord communities into one. Learn more and set up your first Twitch feed bot in the Readybot Dashboard!

Modify the contents of outgoing Discord messages using Readybot's new Custom Message Formatting feature! Available to users with a Membership plan or higher, message formatting makes it possible to flexibly alter the format of outgoing messages.

Discord formatting settings screenshot

Custom formatting includes the ability to use various Feed Variables to use information from the feed. In addition, server admins can add User and Role Mentions to highlight users when new messages are received.

To set up custom formatting for your Discord bot open the "Discord formatting & mentions" settings in the Readybot Dashboard.

This update drop also includes improvements to feed error logging to provide more information. The Help Center has also been updated with added content.

Feed bots can now make use of Discord webhooks to customize the name and avatar used for outgoing messages.

Discord appearance settings screenshot

To set up a webhook for your Discord bot open the "Discord appearance" settings in the Readybot Dashboard.

The feed bot dashboard has been upgraded. The refreshed dashboard makes it easier than ever to manage and add new feeds to your Discord server.

Dashboard screenshot

Find newly added Bot Logs inside the dashboard. Logs make it easy to see the status of each feed. Feed updates & errors can be seen in the logs for troubleshooting.

Bot logs screenshot

Error logs indicate whether the RSS feed was invalid or loaded from the server. The response body, if any, can be inspected for each error.

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