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Setting up Discord permissions

A guide by Readybot.io

Readybot.io requires Discord permissions to work properly. All required permissions are selected by default when adding Readybot to a Discord server, but sometimes it may be necessary to check the required permissions manually.

Modifying Readybot.io permissions

To modify the permissions for Readybot.io in a Discord server, follow these steps in the Discord client:

  1. Open "Server Settings" by clicking the "Server Name" header.
  2. Open the "Roles" tab.
  3. Open the "Readybot.io" role.
  4. Open the "Permissions" tab.

Required permissions

Make sure that all required permissions are enabled for Readybot.io to work:

Permission name Description
View Channels Viewing channels is required to select which channel feed messages are sent to.
Send Messages Sending messages is required to send new messages for new feed items.
Embed Links Embedding links is required to link to the feed item.
Create Public Threads
Create Private Threads
Creating threads may be required if Discord threads are enabled.
Mention @everyone, @here and All Roles Mentioning may be required if Custom message formatting and mentions are used.

Channel specific permissions

Depending on your Discord server's settings you may need to grant channel permissions to Readybot.io individually. Open the channel permissions by clicking "Edit Channel":

Discord settings screenshot

Open the "Permissions" section, and look for Readybot.io in the "Roles/Members" list. If Readybot.io is not already present, add it:

Discord settings screenshot Discord settings screenshot

Ensure that the aforementioned permissions are granted in the selected channel(s):

Discord settings screenshot


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