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Feed Bot not updating a feed

A guide by Readybot.io

Having trouble with a feed not being updated? Try going through these troubleshooting steps:

Check the Dashboard for errors

Open the Bot Dashboard to view the status of your bots and their added feeds. Check the feed in question for any errors.

Feed dashboard screenshot

The Last updated timestamp is set when the feed is successfully refreshed. If this timestamp is out of date Readybot could not update the feed.

Check the selected channel

If the feed is updating successfully the problem may be with the configured Discord channel. Check that the bot's default channel and/or feed's configured channels still exist in the Discord server. Update the channel if necessary.

If the channel is correct you may need to grant Readybot additional permissions in the channel and/or server settings.

Check common problems with feeds

  • The feed URL does not contain a valid feed. Readybot supports industry standard RSS & Atom XML feeds. In addition, Readybot will follow RSS links from HTML pages.
  • The feed URL is invalid. Check that the protocol, host name and path are set correctly.
  • Readybot is being restricted by a firewall. Some websites may block Readybot and other bots from accessing their feeds.

Ask the Readybot community

Join the Readybot community server and ask if anybody else has had a problem with the feed.

Contact us for support

You may also contact the Readybot staff by sending a support ticket at [email protected]. Please be sure to include the URL of the feed in question.


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